Humble has now raised over $100M for charity

Humble Bundle has now raised over $100 million for charities across the globe since setting up online shop in 2010. Through its unique setup, the company has partnered with game developers over the years to raise money for the Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, American Cancer Society, and Doctors Without Borders, to name a just a few.
Humble’s pay-what-you-want platform lets people not only pick the price they’ll pay for a bundle of games, but also gives them control over what percentage of that price will go to Humble, the games’ developers, and charity.
It’s a setup that has paid off for the company, and the number of charities it has supported over the years. In 2014, Humble reported that it had raised $50 million for charity and now, just under 3 years later, that number has doubled to $100 million.
“After the first Humble Indie Bundle, we were overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. We remember delivering the first check to charity by hand and it was a larger amount of money than anything we had ever seen before,” said Humble Bundle COO and co-founder John Graham. “This milestone is more than 500 times bigger than that and is almost too big for me to really comprehend. We’re forever grateful to the Humble community and this huge positive impact they have made on the world.”
The company lists the Humble Freedom Bundle from earlier this year among its recent heavy-hitters. The forty-plus game bundle raised a grand total of $6.7 million in just one week in the response to the immigration ban that was put in place earlier this year. 
Meanwhile, Humble has expanded beyond its original offerings to host non-game bundles and has set up shop as both a digital distributor and publisher for video games. Those ventures have come around to benefit charity as well. Since launching in 2013, the Humble Store and the more recent Humble Monthly program have raised a combined total of $9.3 million for charity.

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Humble has now raised over 0M for charity

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