The Iden Dress


by Janina Gavankar
When I found out I was going to be doing the EA Play presentation, I knew I wanted to physically rep my Star Wars Battlefront II character, Commander Iden Versio, as best as I could.

I had been stalking Catherine Elhoffer, of Elhoffer Designs  for a while, on social media, and pinged her, hoping she’d have the time and interest in creating a dress that was a mashup of Iden’s Imperial uniform, and a dress worthy of the world’s stage.
I went to her studio and discussed, in secret. All i knew I wanted was Iden’s Commander stripes, and a belt that was reminiscent of her chest plate.

Let me be clear. Every snip and stitch of that dress was handcrafted. Most of her pieces are. Catherine has been a seamstress for 15 years, and the fact that her dresses are priced where they are, for that much human effort spent by the actual designer is extremely rare.
I came back for a fitting and we decided on the high-low hem. She cut it right there, as I was wearing it. She understands women’s bodies so well, and she added one more element that needs to become a standard for women’s fashion: POCKETS.

I mentioned she may want to prep a pre-order for the dress, but she waved it off. After the deserved love the dress received, yesterday, I managed to peer-pressure her into setting it up, so every women who wants to feel the power of being a Galactic Commander, can do so, in style.
PREORDER – Galactic Commander Dress

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The Iden Dress