Sony: PS4 owners spend about 50,000 years a week gaming

PlayStation users game 50,000 years a week on the console’s network, Sony announced today.

It’s a staggering number, perhaps made less so when you break it down. Specifically, PlayStation Network users spend 26 billion minutes per week gaming, which works out to 49,467.3 years, according to Sony. But when you average it out across the 60 million console owners, that works out to about seven hours a week.
That a not-too-surprising amount of gaming time can add up to the sort of timespan usually used to discuss the evolution of humanity illustrates just how large a pool of gamers Sony taps into now when it rolls out a new game, piece of hardware or even refined version of its console.
To some degree, that explains the willingness by Sony to experiment with things like the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation 4 Pro. Both went on sale last fall and have since remained hard to purchase due to demand, said Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and president of global sales and marketing for SIE.

“We have been sold out [of the PSVR] ever since launch and it’s only within the last month or so that it’s started to come into supply and we’re feverishly getting the factory cranked up as fast as we can,” Ryan said. “And as with VR, [PS4 Pro sales] have been restricted by our ability to supply the market.”

Ryan said that retailers are just now starting to see that increased supply for both devices.
While company officials declined to release sales numbers for the PS4 Pro, they did say that since its November release, one in every five PlayStations purchased have been a Pro. They also said that the company has sold more than one million PlayStation VR headsets since its October release.

PlayStation VR hardware Sony
Shawn Layden, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment America and chairman of Worldwide Studios, added that the PlayStation 4 “is the fastest selling hardware that we’ve ever had and may be the fastest one on the market.”

And that big install base, Layden said, is having an over-sized impact on services Sony sells through the console.
“Netflix use is massive on PlayStation,” he said. “The PS store on PlayStation is now the number one retailer of PlayStation software worldwide.”

Nearly half of the 60 million PS4 owners, or 26.4 million, are also paying as much as $10 a month for PS Plus subscriptions.
All of those owners and their increasing acceptance of digital software purchases are what fueled the PlayStation Network sales’ 47 percent year-over-year growth.
A good example of that is the break down of sales for PS4’s Horizon Zero Dawn. As of April 30, more than 3.4 million copies of the game have been sold. Of those 915,000 were digital sales, according to PlayStation.
“We thought people would go for the digital store because they didn’t want to get off the sofa, get in their car, and go drive and get it,” Layden said. “We underestimated that.
“People will get the digital copy because they don’t want to get off the sofa and put a disc in the machine.”

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Sony: PS4 owners spend about 50,000 years a week gaming