Here's an illustrated walkthrough of how Hidden Folks was made

This week indie game dev Adriaan de Jongh published a neat Imgur gallery that visually showcases how he and Sylvain Tegroeg (an illustrator and fellow Dutchman) crafted their hidden object game Hidden Folks.
It’s really just a very cute walkthrough of the pair’s process, which evidently involves Tegroeg drawing a ton of cartoonish objects and figures on paper, then scanning them into Unity using a cheap scanner.
In fact, de Jongh shares an interesting story about how the pair thought to upgrade their scanning tech midway through development, but found it wrecked the game’s aesthetic.
“When Sylvain and I started working on Hidden Folks about three years ago, he decided to buy a somewhat medium-quality / cost-efficient scanner for the project,” recounts de Jongh. “When that scanner broke down recently, he used a better scanner for a while only to discover that his digital drawings suddenly looked very different, and so we bought that same low-budget scanner just to make sure all Hidden Folks drawings look consistent.”
We’ve taken the liberty of embedding a few of the published images below, and you can find the whole gallery over on Imgur. Plus, you can check out our feature on the game’s design for even more GIFs and deeper insight from de Jongh about how Hidden Folks was made.

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Here’s an illustrated walkthrough of how Hidden Folks was made