Devs can now access an SDK for ManoMotion's hand-tracking tech

Starting today, tech startup ManoMotion is accepting applications from devs who want to check out the SDK for its hand-tracking tech, which is explicitly aimed at augmented- and virtual-reality game developers.
The SDK is still being developed, and seems potentially intriguing because it can supposedly capture and interpret movements made by human hands via sensors that can capture 2D and depth data — i.e., most moden webcams and smartphone cameras.  
ManoMotion’s hand-tracking SDK currently supports mobile (well, iOS/Android) and Windows PCs, as well as the Unity game engine. The company says it has been partnering with devs who use the tech on a one-on-one basis, and it’s now interested in making its SDK more available to a wider audience. 
Devs curious to check it out should head over to the company’s dev portal.

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Devs can now access an SDK for ManoMotion’s hand-tracking tech