Corona 2D game engine is now 'completely free'

The Corona 2D game engine is now completely free, and starting today anyone who downloads the toolkit through the daily builds page will get a combined package that includes the standard simulator and native-based products.
Given the Corona SKD was already made free back in 2015, what does the term “completely free” actually mean for developers? According to the engine maker, the change means all previous income restrictions are gone, so Corona users are “free to earn as much money” as they can.
“If you want to build and maintain your own plugins, you’re now free to do so,” reads a short Q&A. “Of course, most developers don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so we will continue to offer and maintain a wide array of world-class monetization, analytics, and attribution plugins, conveniently available to help you make the most from your apps.”
Naturally, Corona Labs will still need to monetise the product somehow, and the company’s solution is to include a Corona splash screen in the native build of the engine, which developers can remove by purchasing a Splash Screen Control plugin. 
The firm will also get a cut of the cash pulled in by its partnered monetisation plugins, and is openly encouraging devs to build apps that use advertising as a main source of income.
You can find out more about the changes over on the Corona Labs website.

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Corona 2D game engine is now ‘completely free’