AbleGamers's Player Panels aim to give game devs insight on accessibility

AbleGamers makes it its mission to enrich the lives of players with disabilities and ensure that there is an ongoing conversation in game development about making games accessible to as many people as possible.
To that end, the charity organization has created a new program that seeks to put game developers and publishers directly in contact with disabled players and accessibility experts. 
Dubbed Player Panels, the program has assembled a team of disabled players to test games and then share a unique perspective based on their own experiences with disabilities with game developers and researchers. By creating such a panel, AbleGamers hopes that the program will be able to provide game developers with insight on accessibility options that otherwise might be missed through research alone.
“For the last 12 years, AbleGamers’ in-house accessibility experts have provided game companies with critical input through our game accessibility reviews and Includification resources,” said AbleGamers Vice President Christopher Power in a statement.
“Player Panels is the natural progression of that program. All of our testers live with disabilities, which allows them to offer the game industry in-depth insight to potential solutions that may not be apparent to people who have studied, but have not experienced disability firsthand.”

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AbleGamers’s Player Panels aim to give game devs insight on accessibility