Red Storm's new Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR game promoted to Vive pack-in

Devs keeping an eye on the virtual reality game market should know that Ubisoft-owned Red Storm Entertainment released its second VR game this week, Star Trek: Bridge Crew — and the game has boldly gotten the hardware bundle treatment.
Most notably, copies of the cross-platform multiplayer game (which was released simultaneously on the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR as well) will now be packed in with all HTC Vive headsets. That should presumably give the game a bit of a boost, bringing Red Storm’s latest in line with prior headset pack-ins like Job Simulator and The Gallery. 
This also marks the end of Ubisoft’s initial triad of VR game releases; last year the company made a pledge to launch Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within and Star Trek: Bridge Crew with support for cross-platform multiplayer in an effort to unite players in a fragmented VR market.
In other Vive news today, HTC announced a partnership with Intel to bring the latter’s WiGig wireless VR tech to the Vive. Details are yet unclear, but HTC expects to demonstrate a WiGig-powered wireless Vive “proof of concept” at E3 next month.
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Red Storm’s new Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR game promoted to Vive pack-in