Meghan Markle // theTIG

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I watched my dear friend Ms. Meghan Markle launch theTIG three years ago. For a self-proclaimed Luddite (it’s still in her email signature), she built a digital magazine into a full fledged lifestyle brand, while simultaneously shooting a hit television show. Not that I’m surprised. Over our almost 15 year friendship, I’ve watched Meghan’s dedication to self-growth, and generosity.
As she grew theTIG, she urged me to do the same, for my own voice. I was nervous. Meghan and I have similar engines, but different interests. From the outside, we couldn’t be more different. I wasn’t sure if people would respond.

Opposites attract.
— janina gavankar (@Janina) November 1, 2015

She introduced me to theTIG, and now altFound, developers exsite, and we hit the ground running. Here, we strive to be a voice for the grown geek. Nerdy, but not childish. As we grow, we will always thank Ms. Markle for our first supportive push forward.
Here at altFound, our hearts are full as we watch theTIG ride into the sunset, and await Meghan’s next endeavor!

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Meghan Markle // theTIG